Replacement Front Protective Lens for DXMF21011 Welding Helmet

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  • REPLACEMENT LENS - Replacement protective lens for DEWALT DXMF21011 Welding Helmet
  • STOPS SLAG - Lens stops airborne slag, sparks, etc. before they can damage the more expensive filter
  • DURABLE POLYCARBONATE - Durable polycarbonate lens is impact resistant and shatterproof
  • FULL COVERAGE - Large sized lens covers both main auto-darkening filter and side periphery arc filters
  • 2MM THICKNESS - Protective splatter lens measures 2mm thick
Replace a cracked, scratched, or pitted front protective lens on your DEWALT DXMF21011 Welding Helmet with this manufacturer certified replacement. Made to the same specs as the factory original lens, this replacement is constructed of the same durable polycarbonate plastic to stand up to the same level of punishment. The wide lens cover provides maximum protection from multiple angles to protect both the delicate electronics and face of the auto-darkening filter as well as the permanently darkened side lenses of the helmet. Measuring 2mm thick the lens is impact resistant and will not shatter when dropped.