Replacement Adjustable Headgear for DXMF21011 Welding Helmet

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  • REPLACEMENT HEADGEAR - Replacement headgear / harness for DEWALT DXMF21011 Welding Helmet
  • CUSTOM FIT - Headgear features multiple points of independent adjustability to create a custom fit
  • INCLUDED SWEATBAND - Front located strap features a sweatband to keep droplets out of eyes during long welds
  • LARGE DIAL - Rear adjustability knob is oversized to allow easy use even when wearing large welding gloves
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Attaches easily to helmet with side knobs that double as flip-up hinge points
Replace cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged headgear on your DEWALT DXMF21011 Welding Helmet with this manufacturer certified replacement. Made to the same specs as the factory original headgear mount, this replacement is constructed with the same level of customizability. Multiple points of adjustability let you customize the fit for maximum wearer comfort. Along the front, forehead strap is a terry cloth sweatband to help absorb perspiration and keep it out of the wearer's eyes even when the heat rises during long welding sessions. The adjustment dials are oversized so that they are easy to operate, even when wearing thick stick welding gloves. Attaches easily to welding helmet with large side knobs that double as the hood flip-up hinge points.