Replacement Auto Darkening Filter for DXMF21011 Welding Helmet

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  • REPLACEMENT FILTER - Replacement auto-darkening filter for DEWALT DXMF21011 Welding Helmet
  • LIGHTNING FAST - 4 lightning fast arc sensors engage and darken the filter in 1/15,000 of a second
  • SHADE CONTROL - Independent shade control allows you to fine tune the DIN level according to preference or welding process
  • ADJUSTABLE DELAY - Adjustable lightening delay can be set from 0.2
  • LASTING POWER - CR2450 battery is augmented by a solar cell that charges as you weld for lasting power
Replace a damaged darkening filter in your DEWALT DXMF21011 Welding Helmet with this manufacturer certified replacement. Made to the same specs as the factory original filter, this replacement features 4 lightning fast sensors that engage to darken the viewing lens in a mere 1/15,000 of a second to protect your eyes from UV and IR light. The independent shade control has 3 separate modes to let you fine tune the DIN level according to your needs with a DIN 4 grinding mode, DIN 5-8 cutting mode, and a DIN 9-13 welding mode. You can even customize how long the filter takes to lighten after completing a weld from as quick as 0.2 seconds to a longer 1.0 second. To provide maximum useable life the filter is powered by an included CR2450 battery that is augmented by a solar cell that charges as you weld to prolong the battery's charge.