6-Inch 4400lb Capacity Bench Vise with Anvil in Yellow & Black

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  • DURABLE DUCTILE IRON - The vise is constructed from high-strength ductile iron, manufactured at a casting pressure of up to 60,000 PSI, ensuring superior durability and long-lasting use
  • BUILT-IN ANVIL - The bench vise features a built-in anvil, providing a hard, sturdy surface for metalworking tasks such as shaping, bending, and flattening
  • SERRATED STEEL JAWS - Equipped with serrated hardened steel jaws with a 6-Inch jaw opening, the bench vise delivers a secure and non-slip grip on your workpieces, ensuring precise operation
  • BUILT-IN PIPE JAWS - Dedicated jaws provide a secure grip on cylindrical objects, ensuring stable and efficient operations for both regular and pipe-related tasks
  • SWIVEL BASE - The bench vise features a 360-degree swivel base, offering versatile positioning and making it easy to adjust the vise's orientation according to the task at hand
  • REPLACEABLE HANDLES AND JAWS - The bench vise comes with replaceable handles and jaws, enhancing the tool's longevity by allowing worn components to be easily replaced

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Unleash your productivity with the DXMF06BV 6-Inch Bench Vise from DEWALT, designed to withstand rigorous shop use. With its 4400lb clamping force, this bench vise provides a sturdy and reliable hold for your workpieces. The vise is constructed from high-strength ductile iron, manufactured at a casting pressure of 60,000 PSI to ensure maximum durability. It boasts a built-in anvil for shaping and bending tasks, and serrated hardened steel jaws for a firm grip. Its 360-degree swivel base offers versatile positioning, while the removable handle allows for easy storage. With a throat depth of 3.75 inches and a jaw opening of 6 inches, this tool is designed to accommodate a variety of jobs. To top it all off, replaceable handles and jaws are included to extend the vise's lifespan, making it a worthy long-term investment for any workshop. Coated in DEWALT's iconic yellow and black, this bench vise not only stands out for its robust functionality but also its bold, professional aesthetic – a testament to the DEWALT brand's commitment to top-tier design and performance.